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The domain name u10.co is available for purchase or lease.

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Frequently asked questions
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What is a domain name?

A domain name can be thought of as a piece of Internet Real Estate. A domain name is what you type into your web browser when you want to visit a specific web site.

A good domain name should be memorable so that visitors can remember the name of your web site when they want to return. An example of a good domain name would be usedcars.co if you dealt in used cars or usc.co if you dealt in used sports cars.

A memorable domain name like u10.co will make it easy for visitors to remember your web site and return with ease.

Why are short memorable domain names important?

Single word and short acronym domain names play an important role in customer retention since they are sticky and easy to remember.

Mobile technologies are also making short memorable domain names very important since a customer only has to type a short memorable name to get to your web site.

Think about it, the more confusing characters a customer has to type on their tiny phone keyboard the higher the possibility of making a mistake and giving up in frustration.

Keep it simple and choose a short memorable domain name that customers can remember like u10.co.

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